Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Guiding Lights of PRIMED’s NCLEX-RN Prep Course

It’s a cliché everyone has heard: Those who cannot do, teach. All you have to do is look at PRIMED’s instructors to know that that’s a load of hooey.

Not only are PRIMED’s NCLEX-RN Prep instructors enthusiastic educators, but they’re practicing Canadian health care professionals at the top of the game. They know what it takes to excel as a nurse, and they also know what it takes to excel on the NCLEX-RN before you get there.

The people leading your NCLEX Prep session have a graduate-level nursing education, which means they most definitely know their stuff (read: they have *a lot* of letters behind their names). All of PRIMED’s instructors are also active nurses and nurse practitioners, with a passion for passing along their hard-earned knowledge.

They’re with PRIMED because they’re invested educators who want to help the next generation of health care professionals—their future co-workers—succeed.

Each PRIMED facilitator brings her or his own unique experiences and knowledge base (which you can learn more about on the PRIMED website) to your NCLEX study experience. And while maybe the instructor’s specialized research into pubic hair removal in women won’t come up during the NCLEX-RN, you know she’ll be able to field any question you have about sexual reproductive or women’s health as you study up for exam day.

Basically, you can rest assured your PRIMED instructor isn’t reading from the answer key like Mrs. Krabappel and her fellow teacher cronies in The Simpsons. PRIMED’s NCLEX-RN Prep facilitators are knowledgeable, practicing professionals who will use their very own brains to help beef up yours

PRIMED knows experience and knowledge is what’s needed in a nursing exam prep course instructor. We also know you need to want to listen to them in the first place.

An engaging teaching style is just as important as the ability to answer any study question. As is a spot of empathy—PRIMED’s instructors have each stared down the pass/fail tunnel, and they’ve helped many other nurses pass through to the other side.

Luckily, PRIMED’s NCLEX-RN Prep facilitators have got all of the above.

Here’s another cliché for you: Better together. This one, at least, is true. You really couldn’t ask for a better guiding hand as you prepare for the NCLEX than PRIMED’s instructors.