Thursday, May 21, 2015

Conquering NCLEX-RN Knowledge Gaps

Endocrinology. Geriatrics. Neurology, pediatrics, pharmacology. We’ve all got our specialties and we’ve all got an area or two that makes us groan.

But not only do nurses need to be superheroes of multitasking and critically thinking, walking, talking medical encyclopedias in their jobs, it’s also the approach needed for tackling the NCLEX-RN. There’s a lot of ground to cover, there’s a lot of knowledge to file away in your brain, and there’s a lot of different scenarios to be prepared for.

That means part of attaining the impressive status of “Registered Nurse” is identifying both what you know back to front and also what you need to focus on to level up.

That’s where PRIMED comes in.

With the guidance of PRIMED’s instructors, who build the research and preparation foundation for you, getting up to snuff on all areas of the NCLEX-RN transforms from an overwhelming prospect into a finely tuned game plan. No matter which of the four NCLEX-RN concepts the computer spits out at you—Safe and Effective Care Environment, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, or Physiological Integrity—you’ll know you’ve got it covered after working with PRIMED.

PRIMED’s intensive NCLEX Prep course begins with an overview of key areas, then moves into detailed review of the most important areas of the exam—including test questions for each section. Taking the time to test knowledge and comprehension along the way helps students to evaluate any areas they’re struggling in.

This means all your study energy is targeted and used in the best way possible. Maybe you’ll even have some energy left over to, say, go on a night out or take an afternoon hike (it could happen!).

In addition to identifying which subject areas you should focus on and providing a number of NCLEX Prep Tools to keep you going on your own, PRIMED also offers private and small group tutoring. Jumping off from the NCLEX course, a PRIMED instructor will customize the tutoring session to your specific study needs, helping you to fill in all the bricks of the NCLEX-RN.

A solid study foundation combined with targeted subject revision gives you the confidence to walk into the NCLEX-RN test room knowing you’re familiar with every room on the blueprint. There’ll be no under-the-stairs closet you forgot to check for cobwebs. Not when you’ve been PRIMED.