Monday, May 11, 2015

Strength in Numbers: Going the NCLEX-RN Distance

When looking back down the long path of an undergraduate degree, there are a few things all of us wish we could tell our freshmen selves. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should wear your pyjamas to class. Though delicious, pizza does not for three square meals make. Buying a fancy coffee a day really does double your tuition costs.

But most of all—after all those hours in lecture halls, all those papers written, all those IV needles jabbed and placed (and placed again)—what you really wish you could tell your freshman self is how important a solid study plan is to your learning success.

All-nighters aren’t your friend, and only going over the stuff you’ve got down pat is just a way to make yourself feel better about starting a TV marathon. After you’ve got a degree under your belt, you’ve come far enough to know that exam success means an attack plan, hundreds of pages of notes, flashcards, and, most important of all, study buddies.

Because the best learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum, does it?

That’s why PRIMED’s NCLEX Prep course takes place in what’s called a “Cooperative Learning Environment.” That may sound like just a fancy term for “classroom,” but what it really means is something beyond four walls and a roof. A Cooperative Learning Environment means a cohort of nurses working toward the same goal as you and an instructor encouraging you from the finish line.

Before you walk into the NCLEX-RN exam room, PRIMED’s two-day intensive course offers the key building blocks of a good study plan: an overall content review, focused sessions on key areas, and plenty of practice questions. But PRIMED’s course goes above and beyond this by offering the opportunity to work through a variety of common clinical scenarios together with fellow students and the instructor.

Not to mention, of course, the continuing support of fellow NCLEX exam takers and the PRIMED team after the prep course finishes.

You’ve got a running buddy to help get you through those last 500 metres of that half-marathon you’ve been working toward, right? Think of PRIMED as your multi-headed trainer/cheer squad combo to get you totally pumped for NCLEX-RN race day.

Let’s do this thing! Gatorade is on us (metaphorically speaking—drinks aren’t allowed in the testing room).