Friday, July 29, 2011

Spots filling up!

Spots for the upcoming PRIMED CRNE review sessions are filling up quickly, especially for Toronto and Vancouver.  Sign up today to ensure you seat in the course that will help prepare you be more confident and less anxious during your big day.

Course locations and dates:
September 10-11th: Vancouver-St. Paul's Hospital

September 10-11th: Halifax-Dalhousie University

September 17-18th: Toronto-Toronto General Hospital

September 17-18th: Calgary-University of Calgary

September 24-25th: Edmonton-Location: TBA

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

October CRNE

Many of you are probably starting to think about getting started in your studying for the October 2011 CRNE. If you are, that's great! PRIMED Ed. has some tips for you to get started:

  1. Prepare a study schedule-Many of you are probably trying to balance work, family and studying and planning out a schedule will help you set realistic goals as well as reduce anxiety.
  2. Start to plan dates with study group or or partner-Choose a topic that you've both reviewed ahead of time prior to meeting that you will REVIEW when you get together
  3. Use the CNA's prep guide-The CNA writes the exam and therefore this guide should be your primary resource to study from
  4. Identify your areas that need improvement-It's more tempting to study the stuff your good at, because it's a lot less work than studying the stuff you don't know very well. But, leave the stuff you're more comfortable about closer to the end of your studying

Hope this tips help!
To register for September PRIMED CRNE prep workshops please visit