Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NCLEX-RN Prep in the Light of Day

Blanket fort with candles
Photo: Max Charping (CC BY 2.0)
After years of study and, not to mention, tens of thousands of dollars, the nursing entry-to-practice exam can be a daunting thing. The NCLEX is what finally puts those two little initials behind your name: RN.


No one needs to tell new nurses that the NCLEX-RN is a big deal. It’s one of the first milestones in a nursing career, and PRIMED knows that every person preparing to write the big exam wants to go in a-swinging.

That’s exactly what PRIMED’s intensive two-day NCLEX-RN Prep course is designed for: to set you up to knock it out of the park.

Everybody has a certain approach to studying. Some of us might turn our cell phones off, turn down the blinds, and hunker down in a blanket fort with a stack of textbooks for 48 hours straight. While that has a certain appeal, the rest of us tend to study better in daylight.

There are even a few more benefits to studying for the big day by taking an NCLEX-RN Prep course, beyond the fact they don't take place in the dark. Here's a few:

1.     The structure of review has already been built for you, by professionals

At PRIMED, all of our instructors have at least a Master’s degree in nursing and are experienced educators. They lay the study groundwork so that PRIMED students can focus on the material at hand.

2.     There’s a real, live person to ask questions of, when the online forums run out

While the Internet is an incredible resource, the opportunity to bounce concepts and questions off someone face-to-face wins every time. Plus, there’s a classroom full of other NCLEX-RN preppers to collaborate with.

3.     You receive custom-made study materials that take the classroom home

At PRIMED, we provide a 200-page workbook and study guide as part of the study plan. This extends the benefit of a structured NCLEX-RN Prep course into each student’s home.

Whether you choose to read the PRIMED study guide in a darkened blanket fort, however, is completely up to you.