Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Keeping Up with Nursing Practice

Nursing is not anything if not a dynamic field. Nurses have always worked at the constantly changing intersection of medical knowledge and advanced technology—whether that’s (finally) requiring handwashing in the 19th century, or implementing alternative therapies in the 21st.

As anyone who finds themselves constantly upgrading smartphones every other year knows, in today’s world, knowledge and technology develop faster than ever before. And so does nursing.

Unlike many other professionals out there—say, bankers or politicians—nurses are constantly incorporating advancements into their practice as quickly (and as safely) as possible. Not only in regards to technology, of course, but patient care, environment management, and all the other best practices that go into delivering top-tier health care. Always have got to stay one step ahead of the next virus, as it were.

In order to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of nursing practice, the entry-to-practice exam for nurses training to enter the scene has also got to stay on its toes.

The test plans for the NCLEX-RN itself are updated every three years (with the next update coming in April 2016), but new exam items are constantly added and tested in preparation for each of these updates. For just as nursing practice evolves, of course so does the NCLEX-RN.

That’s why PRIMED’s NCLEX-RN Prep courses are regularly updated to incorporate the latest in nursing practice. Because keeping on top of the constant change in “real-world” nursing practice means keeping on top of what NCLEX-RN test-takers will be seeing on their exams.

To make sure you’re provided with the latest clinical information as you prepare to write the NCLEX-RN, PRIMED’s course materials are updated at least three to four times per year. Not only does this set you up for success on the NCLEX-RN, but it also means you’ll be entering that “real world” of nursing with the most up-to-date knowledge of practice.

It’s just something nurses do: stay on their toes. PRIMED will help keep you there.