Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Nursing Blogosphere

Nursing is an incredibly challenging profession that requires huge amounts of personal fortitude. Surviving your first 21-hour day will be a test. Arriving home, most of you will collapse on your bed or couch, with only a few short moments before sleep takes you away. But, some of you, maybe only a handful, will retire to your laptops, for something far more rewarding then a Facebook check-in.

Blog writing has become a serious instrument for nursing discourse. It gives health practitioners a medium to share their work-related stories with a wide audience. It gives them a forum to ask questions, receive feedback and discuss proper care methods. And it also allows them to vent.

Some writers use their humour to share their thoughts on the profession, while others are much more dry. Some blogs writers publish once every four months, while other sit down four times a week. Whatever the design or frequency of the writing, the important point to understand is that this tool is available.

If you are looking for a new forum to discuss nursing topics, outside of your inner-circle of nursing professionals, try paging through a number of the nursing blogs available online. To get you started, PRIMED has created a list of our top ten healthcare blogs:

10. Digital Doorway
-Nurse Keith is the author of this blog that coaches nurses through the difficult times. Keith's expertise lies in career management, burnout prevention and networking for career security and advancement. http://digitaldoorway.blogspot.ca/

9. The Gypsy Nurse
-A must read if you plan to travel and work as a healthcare professional. http://thegypsynurse.com

8. Scrubs Magazine
-More of an online periodical, this site has tons of resources for nurses and nursing students. http://scrubsmag.com

7. The Nerdy Nurse
-One of the more popular tech blogs for nurses is "The Nerdy Nurse." Written by Brittney Wilson, a self-described 'patient, nurse and technology advocate', Nerdy Nurse offers a plethora of resources for nurses looking to combine their nursing passion with informatics. Example of a recent blog: "Stress and Technology for Nurses: How to Take Your Computer Less Seriously." http://thenerdynurse.com

6. ThirtyEightFive
The title of this blog comes from the Celsius measurement for a brewing fever. The author of this blog concentrates the majority of her writing on maintaining a healthy living, something that many nurses struggle with due to their unique working schedules. A great light read for all those nurse foodies out there. http://thenerdynurse.com

5. Not Nurse Ratched
-This is more of a 'dear diary' blog that has garnered a lot of attention. The author includes many details about her personal life, while offering useful advice for nurses in the field. A recent article, written in November, focuses on the ability to write a good patient report. http://notratched.net/

4. The Nursing Ethics Blog
-Pretty self-explanatory. This no nonsense blog tackles the issues of ethics in the healthcare field. This blog is written by two Canadians working at Ryerson University. http://nursingethicsblog.com/

3. Nurse Eye Roll
-An excellent blog for nurses just entering the field. This blog concentrates on all those little things they don't teach you in nursing school. And as the title suggests, the posts are punctuated with a unique offering of humour that will keep you smiling through the hardest days. http://www.nurseeyeroll.com

2. At Your Cervix
-One of the longest running nursing blogs is "At Your Cervix." This blog is written by a nurse midwife. Like the 'eye roll' blog, the posts on this blog are incredibly entertaining, with lots of laughs and personal stories. http://atyourcervix.blogspot.ca/

1. NCLEX Prep
-The number one blog for information regarding Canada's NCLEX testing for prospective RNs. This blog gives you all the facts and issues surrounding the new testing format for nursing students in Canada. Written by PRIMED Educational Associates, this blog provides nurses with the information they need to properly prepare for the NCLEX exam. http://nclexprepcanada.blogspot.ca/