Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reducing Test Anxiety for the NCLEX-RN

Part One: Preparation

All Canadian nursing graduates will now need to pass the NCLEX-RN to practice nursing in Canada. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing administers this test.

Proper preparation for this exam is the number one way nursing students can reduce their anxiety on test day. PRIMED Educational Associates offers a full classroom review session for nursing graduates. This 2-day course helps NCLEX-RN applicants improve their overall knowledge, skills and abilities, while creating confidence in their ability to achieve exam success.

Besides our course, there are a number of other ways graduates can reduce their test anxiety. Here are a few suggestions:

Beyond Studying
Your body and mind are connected. Remember this. If you ignore your body, your mental potential will dip. Make time to get out of the house and exercise. Break up your day with short walks or runs. This will also give your mind a chance to rest. Activities like yoga are perfect for decompressing.

Eat Properly
Three set meals is optimal. Avoid the need for sugar or caffeine. If it's 11:00 and your mind is beginning to lag, do not reach for the coffee pot; Reach for your pillow. If you must stay up, fuel yourself with fruits and vegetables.

Sleep is Your Friend
Don't ignore your mattress. Your mind works best when you are rested. Create a sleep sanctuary and keep all your study materials out of your bedroom. Try to blackout your windows and keep the temperature cool for optimal rest.

Learn From Your Mistakes
Quiz Review
Pull out your old tests and quizzes from your nursing program and review your mistakes. What questions did you get wrong? Were you missing details or did you misunderstand a core concept? Establish the areas where you are successful. This will help you prioritize your study time so you can focus the majority of your review on your weakest areas.

Time Management
Create a Study Schedule
Plan out your study time and your anxiety will take an immediate dip. It will also make a seemingly difficult task manageable.

Plan for Self-Assessment
Include time to quiz yourself on the material you cover. Once you build your confidence in your knowledge, you can move on to the next subject.

Organize Your Source Materials
Make sure you have all of your prep material ready before you begin each study session. This will help you maximize your time. It will also keep you on task.

Build a Support Team
Schedule Meet-Ups
Plan to meet with a group of your classmates at least once a week in the month or so before your exam. You can discuss areas that you are struggling with and share resources. Meeting with other NCLEX takers will also help you reduce your overall stress.

Stay in Contact With Your Professors
Your professors want to see you succeed. They are an invaluable resource. They started you on this path towards becoming a nurse and they want to see you finish it.

Use the PRIMED Team
All PRIMED graduates are able to contact their instructors through phone or email once they have finished their two-day NCLEX prep course. PRIMED is dedicated to supporting our students right up to the exam date. We are here to guide and motivate you to exam success.