Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last few days before the October 2013 exam

Hi there future RNs!

You are in the home stretch before of studying before you write the October 2013 exam. It can be difficult for students to focus on the last weekend and days before the exam so and some students will find it useful to go to the library during this last few days to minimize any distractions.

Remember to practice good sleep hygiene and go to bed an get up the same time every morning that you would before the exam so you get used to having your mind turned on for the morning CRNE start time.

We also encourage all students to practice as many practice questions as you can before the exam so email us if you would like a $10 coupon code of the PRIMED study centre. You can apply the coupon code to a 200 question mock CRNE, 50 questions Mental Health exam and flashcards!

Good luck on the exam and don't forget to make some celebratory plans after the exam!