Thursday, May 13, 2010

MOCK CRNE available

Are you tired of going over and over the CNA's red book for CRNE prep?
Are you finding that you have now memorized the answers to the questions?

Do you want some different questions to try?
If so, try PRIMED's 200 question mock CRNE style exam. For $55 you will have two attempts at practicing CRNE style questions. After you submit your quiz it will be automatically marked and give you a percentage. Then take some time to work on your areas for improvement. Then for your second attempt at the quiz we suggest simulating test day. Get up at the time you will need to for the exam get ready and sit down for the full four hours. Turn off you phone and any other distraction to try and simulate test day as much as possible.

Visit and click on the button that says "CRNE style testing centre" in the top right hand corner. You need to have a PayPal account set up to transfer the funds. If you don't have one set up it just takes a few minutes. PayPal keep close track of all its products so you can rest assured you will not have any difficulties accessing the quiz.

Good luck!
Marlene Burrows & Laura Housden