Monday, May 10, 2010

Canadian RN exam prep workshop success!

PRIMED is pleased to announce the Canadian Registered Nurses Exam (CRNE) prep workshop that was held in Vancouver May 8-9 at St. Paul's Hospital was a success!

The weekend was packed full of review of different nursing topics such as community health, cardiac, maternity etc. After reviewing the theory in each section, students had the opportunity to practice CRNE style questions. In total students practiced more than 200 questions over the 2 day workshop, which not only tested their knowledge of the content, but also familiarized them with the style of question they will see on the CRNE.

Students told us after they completed the workshop they felt more confident and ready to take the exam. Students will now continue to study but they also know that PRIMED is available to provide ongoing support to them until they write their exam in June.

Stay tuned for some CRNE style practice questions.
Also, please visit our website at where you can practice a mock CRNE exam with 200 questions twice for $55.