Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fitting NCLEX-RN Prep into Your (Already Busy) Schedule

When it comes to preparing for the NCLEX-RN, flexibility is often a key concern. Life can get incredibly busy when you’re balancing work, school, friends, family—and who knows how many other things—on top of studying for the NCLEX.

At PRIMED we’re well aware of our participants’ full and sometimes odd schedules, so we offer multiple ways to fit comprehensive NCLEX prep into your life.

In-class NCLEX-RN Prep courses. Our two-day intensive NCLEX-RN Prep course is offered classroom-style in major centres across Canada, from Vancouver to Toronto to Halifax. Our website lists the schedule of when PRIMED hits each city.

Online NCLEX-RN Prep courses. For those who aren’t in major centres or are unable to travel, we offer our two-day NCLEX course through an online streaming platform (the next session is August 8–9, 2015). It’s taught live, so you still get the benefit of interacting with the NCLEX instructor.

Mobile NCLEX-RN Prep courses. Say you’ve got a large group of nursing students in Hamilton studying for the entry-to-practice exam, and you’d rather not travel to Toronto for your NCLEX-RN Prep course. Or, maybe our regularly scheduled dates just don’t work for you. No problem! PRIMED will come to you, no matter where you are in Canada. Plus, the organizing student gets to attend for free.

Privately tutored NCLEX-RN Prep courses. Occasionally, students prefer to go through our two-day prep course on their own, or in a small group of two or three. Like the mobile large-group courses, this can be arranged by emailing info@primededucation.ca, as can hourly private tutoring sessions.

Online NCLEX-RN Prep tools. PRIMED offers a comprehensive online Study Centre, as well as a number of free NCLEX-RN study resources. These tools are the perfect way to fit NCLEX-RN study here and there, for the times when your crazy schedule will only allow you to study in spurts.

In short: No matter what your situation, there’s a way to get you PRIMED for the NCLEX-RN.