Saturday, August 13, 2011

Practice mock CRNE question

Below is an example of a question styled to look what you might see on the CRNE:

The nurse is working with a 52 year old patient Samuel, who has recently received a tracheostomy after a motor vehicle accident resulted in severe head injury and respiratory failure. His wife is very concerned about his comfort during suctioning and asks the nurse how they will ensure that the patient has adequate oxygenation during the procedure. What is the best response?

1. “I will provide your husband with oxygen before I suction him, and monitor his oxygen saturation during the procedure which won’t last longer than 10 seconds”

2. “I will only suction your husband for 15-20 seconds which is the normal suctioning length of time”

3. “I will monitor your husband’s oxygen level after the procedure and apply oxygen if he is hypoxic”

4. “I will hold my breath during the procedure and stop when I feel discomfort, the procedure won’t last longer than 15 seconds”

Answer: 1

Rationale: It is recommended that patients receive oxygen prior to tracheal suctioning. Additionally, O2 saturation should be monitored closely during the procedure which should last no longer than 10 seconds.

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