Friday, March 5, 2010

How to study for the CRNE

We get asked many questions on how to study for the Canadian nurses exam.  Many nurses feel as though it is an exam that you "can't" study for, or an exam that is nearly impossible to prepare for.

This is a MYTH! It is possible and necessary to study for the Canadian Nursing Examination.
Here is our recommendations as well as one potential study plan to help you prepare for your upcoming examination.

Study timeline: 3 months minimum.
Many students need more than 3 months.  You might also need more time if you are:
-an internationally educated nurse
-a nurse returning to practice
-a nurse who has English as a second language
-or you want to ensure you are as prepared as possible.

3 Months until the Exam

1.  Purchase Canadian RN exam prep guide:
This is the book that is written by the Canadian Nurses Association (that's who develops the exam)

-Review this book in detail.

-Do the practice questions, paying careful attention to the questions you get wrong:
Look for themes, i.e. Did you get struggle with the pediatric or maternity questions.

-Take out a "fundamentals of nursing" book from the library or from your personal library.  Do some reading reviewing the fundamental concepts of nursing

-Have a look at the CNA core nursing competency

-Start taking notes of what is the "current climate" is in Canada.  For example, if there was a recent flu pandemic, do some review on this subject.  Look up the Public Health Agency of Canada.  You can try to anticipate the types of questions you might see on the exam.

-Look into other study tools, such as the iphone application for the CRNE.  (Not yet available, but coming soon!).

-Look into the Mosby's review guide.  This guide is a bit more complicated then the CNA guide.  But it does have some good clinical skills review.  Don't be too discouraged if you struggle with this guide.

-Check into the PRIMED blog regularly for tips and tricks.

2 Months until the Exam

2. Take a PRIMED Education course to review
-This course will go over core concepts and information that you need to know for the exam, as well as CRNE style practice questions.
-We recommend taking our course at least 1 month before the exam.  Then you will have a strong foundation to review your areas of conceptual weaknesses.

During your second month you should try to spend as much time as possible going through questions.

After the PRIMED course, sign up for PRIMEDs 200 question online quiz.  This quiz will simulate the Canadian RN exam.
-Try to do the quiz all in one sitting.

-Print off and review the questions you got wrong.

-Retake the exam just before 1 month is up.

1 Month Until the Exam:

-Arrange with work to take at least 2-3 weeks off leading up to the exam.
This is integral to exam success.  You need to be able to concentrate on the exam components and practice questions.
-The key to success is to practice!

If you have any study tips for the exam, email us!