Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mock CRNE exam at the PRIMED workshop

If you have signed up for the PRIMED CRNE workshop this weekend (Jan. 9-10, 2010), you'll be pleased to hear we are offering a mock CRNE exam.

Registrants will have the option of staying for an hour after the course on Sunday to write a mock exam with 50 questions. This will give you the oppurtunity to sit for an hour and concentrate on practicing dozens of questions. Afterwards, the correct responses will be shown so you can mark your exam and see how you did.

If you are wondering if you can sign up for the course, it is not too late! We have just a few spots available so, please contact us as soon as possible to see about saving a seat for this weekends exam review.

Please contact us at:
or 604 551 1756