Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RN positions

Though the nursing shortage poses many healthcare challenges, it does present the new RN with a myriad of choices. Browsing through workopolis one will notice positions posted in various specialty areas such as ICU, NICU, emergency and to be a nurse clinician. In addition, there are various positions outside of acute care in communicable diseases, mental health and home health. Take advantage of this oppurtunity by choosing the area and location in which you want to start your career. And don't ever forget that as a nurse you have the ability to change your area of work if it is not working out for you. One of the worst things you can do is stay in an area in which you are unhappy for various reasons. We have all seen individuals such as this, and know that they are not fun to work with. Self-awareness is key in recognizing your job satisfaction.

Remember to build on your knowledge by reading scholarly journals, attending conferences and workshops. Strive to improve your practice and thus, patient care. In doing this you will become a nurse leader and inspire others to follow suit. Ways of doing this include starting a journal club, critically questioning policies or procedures in your work area, and mentoring new nurses.